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2e68 and 2e69 code bmw 525xi i replaced knock sensor and code still coming on, please help Those codes dont seem accurate, knock sensor codes are mot in the vecinity of p0327. the sensor mounting bolt is tightened to specified torque value.
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The car was constantly retarding timing and hesitating on the drive home. The CE light also occasionally flickered; it kept going out for a split second and then coming back on. This evening North and I pulled the knock sensor which was filthy and corroded, scrubbed the corrosion off the block, and replaced it with a brand-new knock sensor.
I have a 88 22re 4runner that I am using as my fishing truck til I finish my cut back second gen. A few weeks ago it started having this issue which by searching I believe is the knock sensor. When it first started it would only happen in 3rd and 4th. Just before 2500 rpms it would "hit"... The faulty knock sensor will not cause the Check Engine light to come on nor will it cause the driveability symptoms you describe. The cost for knock sensor replacement is that high because it involves removing the upper and lower intake manifolds for access. But replacing it will almost certainly not correct your problem. Eventually, knock sensors were created that allowed cars -- including Bella's 735i -- to run on cheaper, low grade gasoline. In addition, the knock sensor had the all important benefit of stopping engine shudder which can ultimately damage a vehicle. If you are experiencing engine vibration of any type, it could be that your knock sensor has ...
1) Igntion retarded by 6 degrees due to either a faulty knock sensor or the Hall sensor. It is only possible to test for knock or Hall faults with a Porsche specific diagnostic tool. e.g. Hammer, Spanner, PST2. However, sometines spurious knock/Hall fault codes can be stored.
Nov 04, 2011 · The sensor is typically almost welded to the exhaust, so apply a liberal spray of penetrating oil to the threads of the sensor and let it loosen the joint. Unplug the sensor from the wiring... Dec 04, 2012 · Knock sensor codes. I am in Canada and have replaced the knock sensors app. a year ago and it was a fairly pricey job( sensors are $360 each plus labor) They are under the intake, so it is a labor intensive job as well.
Bmw Nox Sensor Delete Oct 21, 2017 · P0330 Knock Sensor Looking To Fix Fast Tacoma World. Toyota corolla repair manual circuit knock sensor 1 low input 8pinblue2channel ecu wires getting p0330 2 wire vs one automotive computer sensors bypass nation forum gm wiring diagram early 3vze 2004 sienna le bank plug location 01 p0325 codes dtc rav4 looking to fix fast oem harness style i have replaced and 1999 lc 2uz fe 2001 camry pinch ...
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