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Feb 22, 2019 · Working with Lehigh, Black Hills helped design a new version of the Xtreme Penetrator specifically for a line of pistol ammo that ultimately was called Honey Badger. If you’re wondering where the name comes from, Black Hills borrowed this licensed name from AAC, which produces a gun by that name.
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In the lightweight 329PD, this load is a highly effective choice for self-defense, offering low felt recoil in an easy packin’ pistol. In addition to these self-defense loads, Black Hills has added two HoneyBadgers — a .44 Magnum (160-gr. bullet at 1,800 fps) and a .45-70 (a 325-gr. bullet at 1,900 fps).
Lehigh Defense Several months ago, we at NIGHTHOGS were contacted by Lehigh Defense about testing some of the new high performance bullets they had added to their offering. After a couple of discussions as to criteria for the testing and some test shots in our suppressed 44 magnum rifles, we began collecting data. Underwood 45 Acp 185 Grain
Feb 14, 2015 · A few things have changed since I bought the G42. I've been looking at a promising new projectile made by Lehigh Defense- Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator Bullets and Ammunition called the Xtreme Penetrator. It promises to behave like a hollow point in soft targets, meanwhile staying together for penetrating solid objects well. Hey guys! In this video, we look at what a 305gr Lehigh Defense 45-70 Xtreme Penetrator does to a 170# whitetail buck. For details on the items used in this ... Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense Lead-Free Bullets .45-70 Govt .458" 325gr 1200-4200 fps 50/Box. The Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense (XD) Technology is based on the popular Xtreme Penetrator product line. The design goal was to achieve the same barrier performance and massive permanent wound cavity and reduce the penetration depth to coincide with an individual's personal comfort level.
[bc-description action="new description"] Technical Information Caliber: 45-70 Government Bullet Weight: 225 Grains Bullet Style: Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense Case Type: Brass Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity: 2735 fps Muzzle Energy: 3737 ft lbs [bc-description action="end description"] This ammunition is not to
Oct 22, 2018 · At this velocity, its energy is akin to projectiles more than 30-grains its weight at the muzzle. At first, it may not look it, but the Xtreme Hunter is more than capable medium to large game 10mm ammo. Bullet: 150-grain Lehigh Defense Xtreme Hunter Muzzle Velocity: 1,425 Muzzle Energy: 677 Ballistic Coefficient: N/A Sectional Density: N/A The Phillips-head bullets trade mass for velocity. On paper, they produce a lot of kinetic energy. But on paper, a 22-250 produces more KE than a 45-70. But up against an angry bear, I'd rather be armed with a 45-70 than EITHER a 22-250 or a 10mm loaded with lightweight "Magic" bullets that make impressive "wound channels in blocks of jello.
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