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Install the crankshaft pulley, and hold the pulley with the handle (A) and holder attachment (B). 3. Tighten the bolt to 69 N·m (7.0 kgf·m, 51 lbf·ft) with a torque wrench and 19 mm socket (C).
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3. Fit guide pulley and tighten to 45Nm. 4. Fit the tensioner pulley and finger tighten, ensuring that the lug on rear of the pulley is located in the groove in the cylinder head. 5. Remove and de-grease the crankshaft sprocket and the mating end of the crankshaft. Note: Double check crank position by ensuring the crankshaft key is a t 12 0 ...
Make sure the ac, ps, crank belt is on the third groove of the crank, closest to the engine on the back pulley of the power steering, closest to the engine, then to the ac pulley. Then install the new power steering belt on the middle groove of the crank, and to the front pulley of the power steering. Then, install the alt pulley back on the front pulley of the crank, and it should be going to the water pump as well. Universal Pulley Holders are Designed to Fit Many Different Sized Pulleys Having Slots or Holes, Such as Camshaft Pulleys or Crankshaft Pulleys. Technician Can Hold the Pulley When Tightening or Loosening the Retaining Bolts. Four different size step pins: 6-10mm, 8-11mm, 10-12mm, 11-16mm You can use the bolt to pull the vibe damper on but you risk stripping the threads in the end of the crank. Installer just looks like a long stud, you thread it all the way into the crank then put the vibe damper on the crank snout and place a bearing and a nut on the installer. As you tighten the nut it pushes the damper on the crank.
Wrap the serpentine belt around the crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer) and clamp it with the first set of Vise-Grips online with the second pulley you're going to use. Then wrap the belt around the second pulley (in this case the A/C pulley), clamping the second set of Vise-Grips opposite the crank pulley.
When you first start it, the only thing that seems wrong is that the belt slides all the way to the back of the crankshaft pulley, the belt becomes flush with the back side of that pulley. After running it for a long while, if you check on it the belt is off the smog pump towards the rear of the car and it begins to cut the belt.Nov 13, 2018 · Put the wrench on the nut, put the car in high gear, then push it backwards. Have the wrench laying on a wood board on the right frame rail, and bump the car rearward a few times to tighten the nut. 3 likes
I am trying to get the crank pullet off a 1999 CRV for a timing belt replacement . The engine turns CCW (looking at the pulley ) meaning it cannot be loosened using the starter. I have tried the cheater pipe and breaker bar method with a supported extension bar and used the special crankshaft pulley holding tool. Ah, the special tool: It's a rod about 8 to 10 inches long with a threaded portion about a third of the way down from a 19mm head. The internal portion of the pulley is threaded to mate to this rod. As you screw the rod into the mated portion (I'm getting hot here) it puts pressure on the crankshaft and forces the pulley off the shaft. Vehicle » Specifications » Mechanical Specifications » Engine » Timing Components » System Specifications » Crankshaft Pulley Crankshaft Pulley Install crankshaft pulley and tighten the bolt in two steps.
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